“Besides Sharon Siegel’s knowledge as a Feng Shui expert, it was her dedication and professionalism I was equally impressed with. Sharon strives to give you the best results and gives above and beyond what is expected. She has an instinctual “eye” for interiors and combined with her knowledge creates a space of harmony, beauty and balance in your life and in your home. Sharon creates a positive flow throughout your living space and your life. She is the ULTIMATE PROFESSIONAL and I highly recommend her.”

– Top American Designer

“I was looking for a person to consult to do the feng shui in my new apt. I found a few names on the web and placed a few calls to different consultants. The first person to return my call was Sharon Siegel. We spoke about what I had in mind and I told her I would let her know if I was going to use her services after I’d had a chance to speak to the other consultants. It didn’t take long for me to realize that Sharon was the best consultant for the job. From speaking to her on the phone, I could sense that she was devoted to feng shui and did it as a mission in life, not as a business. I didn’t get that feeling from the others. In fact, one particular woman literally turned me off because of her “know it all” attitude and her astronomical fee. Sharon came to my apt. and surveyed it to do an energy cleansing and to survey the place. She gave me a list of the things that she thought could be enhanced. I took her advice very seriously and immediately began to implement the necessary changes. I was so pleased with her work and her personality, that right away I introduced her to one of my relatives who as interested in feng shui. She is now in the process of doing their home as well, and I am absolutely certain that they’ll be as delighted with Sharon’s work as I was. Needless-to-say, I not only consider Sharon a terrific feng shui consultant, but a new friend. Blessings to you, my dear Sharon!”

Yocasta Fareri
Interior Designer
Author: Carnival of Memories

“Before Sharon even entered our, home her love and devotion to Interior Design integrating Feng shui principles was quite apparent. From the first phone conversation to the final consultation her level of commitment and service was of the highest caliber.

Sharon was not only concerned about our home, but every facet of our lives and how her abilities of interior design and feng shui would increase the qualitiy, success and the happiness of our family life.

Sharon has an amazing ability of color and decorating. She incorporated her flair of these skills taking into account our lifestyle, taste and budget and incorporated them with ease into the work she did with us. She gave us detailed information on room colors based on individual space, location and the use of each room.

She explained how this would enhance the positive and balance the possible negative. Our home is now functional, clutter-free, comfortable and relaxing. We so enjoy living in our home and the beauty that came with Sharon’s amazing decorating skills and understanding everything that we wanted to accomplish. Sharon’s influence has helped to create this environment. It was also fun, educational and a very worthwhile experience.

Slowly, but surely, we are incorporating all of her amazing ideas into our home and our daily lives.”

Lynn and Michael Delfanzo
New Jersey

January 1, 2008

Dearest Sharon,

Since relocating to the Mid West, John and I are near completion of our Feng Shui (phase 1) for our new home. I am not surprised from just a small paragraph expressing my wishes; you have developed our home to express “three life forces living in harmony as one – John, myself and our home”. I knew from the beginning my home was in the care of an expert Feng Shui consultant. Remember my request:

Sharon – what I am hoping for spiritual peace, harmony and love. I can’t change my furniture; however, room colors is a must. Front door – entrance to peace and back door to hope. Master bedroom color for love and devotion. How should the bed face? I have a Cross that I have had for a long time – I need a perfect place. I also have the crystal “earth” ball from the coffee shop – I would like to place that in the house too. I have a small rock foundation and really enjoy the peacefulness. I would like to find some peaceful rocks for the house.

Little did John and I know that there were some trouble areas in the new home we bought: a train line running in back of the yard, a water over flow drainage close by, the house facing differently, health issues from the previous owners and lets not forget my own personal struggles of living in a new town. There was a lot of work to be done. However, your insightfulness expertise tackled every difficultly with detail, peace, harmony and respect.

I can’t express my appreciation of how you respected our family spiritual beliefs. The beautiful “home blessings” that reflected our beliefs. You made sure that we received the highest quality Space Clearing items, purest crystals and cures for troubled areas. You respected my own creative input and patiently guided me through the process of looking for harmony in all aspect of life – therefore, helping me to intuitively know what will be harmonic.

As you know I had a wedding breakfast at our home recently. The quests were in awe of our home. How can you mix deep blues, greens, reds and orange rooms (?) – I say Sharon Siegel my personal Feng Shui expert (I will never go back to reading home design magazines for ideas).

Sharon, I look forward to phase 2 for our home – the basement! However, I look forward working with you and the continue process of living in harmony.

Your friends,
John and Lisa Gordon

Dear Sharon

We just returned from our first visit to our vacation home in Tucson and everything is beautiful. All the furniture that you helped us to purchase works so amazingly in our new home. We are so lucky and cannot thank you enough. We are so lucky that our friend in New York found you and recommended you to work with us on the furniture and upholstery of our new home. We cannot thank you enough for all your kindness and help. I feel so luck that Herb and I were able to work with you. You made things so much easier for us, especially since we only had such a short time to select so many things. Herb has dealt with lots of people and he truly respected your professionalism. Everything you helped us with is great. We now have a home that is beautiful and brings us so much peace and serenity. All my family and guests love being there. Now we just need your help with the accessorizing. This will take some time but we will do it at our leisure. We are looking forward to you coming out to our home, and we want to let you know that your have an open invitation to always stay as long as you wants. We have told several of our friends about how amazing you are in designing and making ones home feel so harmonious.

Thank you again for your professionalism and creativity and your personal touch.

Most Fondly,
Muriel and Herb Spitz

I have been working with Sharon Siegel for many years creating model apartments in luxury buildings in Manhattan. She has been an asset to my business and has made my life very easy. Her help in choosing apropriate pieces to achieve the look i wanted along with the ability to conform to my often very tight budget has been invaluable. She has always been available for site visits and has a great eye for installations. It is always a pleasure to work with her as she is pleasant and easygoing and non imposing. I highly recommend Sharon for home decoration and look forward to a continuing professional relationship with her.

Helene Feldman,
Real Estate Owner of Luxury Buildings in Manhattan.

I hired Sharon in December for a feng shui design consultation of my home. Soon after I made the changes and additions that she suggested in the apartment, I started to feel a sense of calm and solace. I was able to focus and dedicate myself to my business more and things that needed to get done. A wonderful sense of well being and security now fill my home.

Thank you

Joel Shapiro, Vice President
Halstead Real Estate

Having known Sharon for some time I have witnessed first hand her commitment and passion for Feng Shui. However I was somewhat reluctant to be a client, being somewhat skeptical regarding things I may not understand or that are unfamiliar to me.

Things had deteriorated with my partner Jeff’s job situation and no good prospects were on the horizon. His bleak situation affected all aspects of our relationship as Jeff became more despondent.

I approached Sharon about a consultation. Her confidence and enthusiasm were enough to warm me over to the idea of Feng Shui. Having worked in the field of Psychotherapy for many years, I was most impressed by Sharon’s holistic approach to our situation. She took into account all aspects of our well being, physical, emotional and spiritual.

Within a short period of time following our consultation, and with the necessary changes made, our situation quickly changed. Several job opportunities came Jeff’s way, and ultimately he was offered a new and exciting position. Our home has never felt more comfortable. More than ever, we enjoy having people spend time at our place. I am no longer a skeptic. Thanks to Sharon I fully embrace Feng Shui, and heartily recommend her to anyone interested.

Daniel Goldstein and Jeffrey Rothenberg

Sharon has done work for me over the last few years both in the office and in my home. I noticed an immediate difference in both locations after Sharon had finished. The spaces felt more open, and I was able to focus more clearly on the work at hand. I had comments from both co-workers as well as friends on how they felt on entering. The comments were how it just felt relaxing, peaceful, calm. I would highly recomend Sharon to anyone who is looking to incorporate changes in their life. She is wonderful to work with, both professionally and as a person.

Joe M,
Information Technology, Manhattan

I was fortunate to find Sharon Siegel during the process of decorating my new apartment. At the time, I was somewhat familiar with the idea of feng shui but had no idea just how much value it could bring me. During my initial consultation Sharon was able to offer a number of recommendations that would bring my living space into greater harmony, comfort and alignment with my own personal goals and desires.

I have not yet even finished implementing all of her recommendations and I am still reaping benefits. I am sleeping better, my concentration is better while working at home, and most importantly I feel that my home is in harmony with my goals. In short, my experience has been overwhelmingly positive.

Gwen Jones,
acupuncturist, New York City

Sharon Siegel’s expertise at creating harmony and balance in a living space leads to an unparalleled and simple enjoyment of home. For nearly three years, her efforts have provided me with an enhanced inner calm and clarity, which directly result from having had Sharon thoughtfully transform my once typical Manhattan apartment into a peaceful sanctuary. I recommend Sharon Siegel to anyone who is seeking to improve the degree of peace, harmony, and balance in their experience of home – and life!

Steve Bachman,
Financial Investment Broker, Owner

My introduction to Feng Shui came through Sharon. I had heard about it before but never met anyone who was an actual believer in it or a practitioner thereof. I was her coworker at a furniture store and we would have lunch together sometimes and she would tell me about Feng Shui and what it meant and how it worked. I consider myself a more operations oriented guy so I’m always trying to figure out the most successful formula for things. Sharon was the most successful salesperson at the job. She was the only one practicing Feng Shui. I put two and two together. Was it luck or did Feng Shui make luck happen?

She did my store manager’s house and he was promoted to regional supervisor. She did one of our mutual coworkers houses and he almost immediately started selling more. I asked for her advice on my apartment. She did a floor plan for me and went over the good parts of the space but also the things I should be wary of and potential cures for those issues. I started reading more about Feng Shui in order to have a meaningful dialogue about it.

The way Sharon approached the project was great because she took all of the different aspects of the space into account. She is extremely well versed on the subject and she sincerely enjoys helping people. I found it both fun and rewarding to work with her. Alas, we don’t work together anymore, because after she helped me with my Feng Shui, I got a much better paying job! Feng Shui works and so does Sharon!

John Nickles
Holly Hunt
New York

A year ago, my wife and I bought an old Victorian “fixer-upper” in Bloomfield, NJ. Along with all of the updating potential we saw, we were most excited about the idea of having over three times the amount of space in our “new” home. After over six months, though, we found we were not taking full advantage of all our newfound space. Two of the extra bedrooms had almost immediately been relegated to storage space, and within a few months, had both become quite cluttered.

We had also found that, professionally, things had slowed down. (I work in retail and she’s a Real Estate Agent.) We both spoke of how this financial lull made sense because of all the time we were spending on the house. We asked Sharon to come do a consultation and take a look at our space to help us figure out how to best utilize what we had.

From the very beginning she got us focused on prioritizing and organizing our goals. Just making a list of what was most most important to us was a simple but monumental first step in helping us focus our energy. From there she took our information and made many suggestions about what we could do to help us on the way to achieving our goals. One great thing we felt was how much Sharon made us feel comfortable with her suggestions. Every idea she offered was ours to choose whether to use it or not. It was her easy demeanor that allowed us to feel good about all of the things we decided to do. She suggested we put a small computer desk in a particular area in our living room, and within three weeks, business increased rather dramatically for my wife. There were also many suggestions on paint colors and other “cures” for the house.

With Sharon’s guidance and knowledge, she has helped both my wife and me focus on those goals that are most important to us and has made us feel more comfortable and excited about everything our home has to offer.

Jay and Erin Muldoon Stetson
Crate and Barrel Furniture Sales
and Real Estate Sales

I have known Sharon for many years. She has helped me with my personal life and in my growing business where she is responsible for my advancement. During the time I have known Sharon, she has been energetic with enthusiasm for learning and openness to new ideas. She is kind and compassionate with high integrity and is committed to helping people through Feng Shui. Her ability to connect with her clients and her talent as a consultant is truly superior. Her communication skills are outstanding and thoughtful; she is organized, efficient and has an excellent rapport with people of all ages. I highly recommend Sharon for any size project. She will be a valuable asset in your business endeavors as well as in your life. Sharon has my personal endorsement and respect. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call me.


Dear Sharon,

This note is a small thank you for the wonderful friendship you have given my husband and I and, most of all, for the exceptional services you have provided us as our Feng Shui consultant. When my husband and I met you in July 2003 we were but extremely distraught after suffering a devastating miscarriage. Our home was no longer comforting to us and reminded us of all that we lost. We knew we needed to make some changes around our home, though we didn’t know where to start. Luckily, we found you. You came into our home and expertly evaluated the situation. Within a week, you called us to say you were ready to discuss what needed to be done. Your suggestions were simple enough and didn’t require us to move around furniture,etc.,. With your help we were able to order some crystals and mirrors. You even offered to help us hang the materials. You came by our apartment several times to make sure everything was hung properly. Life seemed to improve immediately. Best of all I became pregnant again with 8 weeks of our initial consultation. It was amazing, but very terrifying at the same time because I was VERY nervous. Your support never wavered and your words were always encouraging. Later, we found out that I was pregnant with twins! Neither my husband or I have twins in the families nor were we using any fertility medications. We feel extremely blessed to say the least. No one will ever know for sure why and how we were blessed so much, but I do believe a lot had to do with our restored faith and spirituality and also, the feng shui.

Thank you for everything.

Elena & Brad,
Business couple

When I try to remember my life before Sharon walked through my doors a year ago, it’s hard to imagine the remarkable difference working with her has made. Sharon is an extremely insightful and sensitive professional. During our initial consultation we discussed the 3 major areas I wanted to address and spoke of the vision I had for my apartment. While scanning the apartment for necessary changes she took into consideration my personal attachment to certain objects and colors. She outlined a detailed plan for me which would change my life and create the kinds of changes I wanted in my life. She made herself available after the consultation for follow-up visits, and further discussions on additional ways of creating a balance in my life. One area of major importance to me was creating an environment of health, wealth and prosperity. Today, I have expanded beyond what I even envisioned for myself. A court case that had lingered for 5 years settled for twice the amount I was expecting within a month of placing the appropriate “money cure”, and shortly thereafter, my employers creating a retirement fund for me which practically doubled my income. These are but two of the many results that have occurred since I hired Sharon to Feng Shui my apartment. I could continue to list more but we would need a book. Sharon is an amazing woman who goes “above and beyond” to provide her clients with the best possible services available. Her level of integrity and commitment to her clients is astonishing. I believe everyone should give themselves the gift of Sharon

Linda C.
Business woman

Hiring Sharon as a Feng Shui consultant has been a very rewarding experience. She took the floor plan of my apartment and found incredibly creative ways to implement Feng Shui cures that I could feel comfortable with. Sharon is a very creative, resourceful, helpful and supportive person. Unlike most decorators, Sharon has been working with me to make my home environment a warm, visually appealing, comfortable and functional place reflective of my desires. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking for a Feng Shui consultant to improve their environment as well as their life.

Debra Z
Building manager

Walking into a store Aromatix on 61st and 2nd Avenue is where it all began. I saw one of Sharon’s business cards, I took one thinking when I move into Manhattan soon I will call Sharon to Feng Shui my apartment however, that apartment never came. I just separated my husband, left Los Angeles, after 15 years and lost my job after 9/11 and was living with my parents in Long Island. I really did not think I had the money to have a Feng Shui consultation assuming it would be costly with the consultation fee and the appropriate purchases that I would have to make, so I figured I would do it on my own. I went to 2 seminars, read books, spend a month moving things around, cleaning out the clutter and performing rituals that I thought would change my life. Well it really didn’t get me very far. Sharon came to my parents home on April 6th to Feng Shui my room. Without giving all the details because I will write forever this is what I think… Sharon is an incredible woman with a mind and spirit that is uplifting, encouraging, inspiring and has a beautiful heart. Sharon is only only a Feng Shui Consultant, she is an individual whom brings peace, harmony, love and friendship into your world. Sharon’s commitment to me has been incredible and has gone above and beyond what I though a Feng Shui Consultant would be. She came to my home for the initial consultation on April 6, 2002 and then cam back to see the implementation of the changes she suggested I make on June 14, 2002.

There has been incredible changes in my life moving forward in the direction I should be going. Thanks to Sharon I have become more grounded, balanced, peaceful with myself, confident, gained the “can do I will attitude”, changed careers, my financial situation is improving, the light at the end of the tunnel is appearing and I am beginning to search for my Manhattan apartment. My relationships with friends have become stronger and special people have been entering my life, great new male friendships and relationships and there has been a feeling of a guardian angel helping me, pointing our all the positive things that have been happening to me. So, with all that said. I want to thank Sharon for her incredible spirituality, knowledge and dedication to me.

Chantelle Luttenger
Advertising business person

I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to work with Sharon as my consultant. She has that wonderful blend of knowledge, compassion and insightfulness combined with an overriding aesthetic that literally put me on the road to a new experience and a new life in my home. Now, when I invite someone into my home, I know they feel as though they are stepping into a good movie. It is quite thrilling and profoundly satisfying.

Lin San Andres
Mason Alexander Group, Ltd.

Dear Sharon

I want to thank you for helping me make changes in my living space that has had immense positive changes in my life. I feel like this whirlwind of positive energy has blown into my life since my consultation with you. My apartment, a place that previously felt like a pit stop and was never felt completed or really lived in was finally made into a real home and sanctuary form the hustle and bustle of the city. Now when I come home from traveling or a weekend away, there is all this positive and comforting energy about the apartment that welcomes me back and I enjoy spending time in it. I look forward to being home.

Right from the beginning when you asked me to write down my goals for the consultation, it made me sit down and really think about what I wanted and where I was going. It made me focus on what was important and what my priorities were at the time. I had heard about the positive influences about Feng Shui had in other people’s lives but was still not really sure what to expect. You made the whole process easy and simple to implement by prioritizing the important and immediate changes and cures that needed to be done immediately and those that could wait. I really loved that your suggestions on making changes in the most economical way but at the same time having a huge aesthetic impact. I still remember this great feeling of power I felt when I moved my work desk to my career corner facing the entrance way and how it changed my whole attitude towards work. In a very short time after making the changes in my apartment the jewelry business that I just started began to boom, as if by magic, I had clients appearing to commission me for custom designed pieces more than I could handle, as I was still working at my other job and was transitioning over to one of my new careers. I had enough orders to keep me business until the last day before Christmas. Many of the same clients that entered my life at that time were becoming repeat and loyal customers. At the same time the Reiki business that I had been invited to join prior to our consultation has had many positive developments. I have had this incredible synergy with my partners and several important prospects that have been introduced to our business. The business concept, marketing and all the elements of our bourgeoning business are falling into place almost effortlessly and help has come from the seemingly most unexpected places offered itself to me at just the right time. Once again, thank you for helping arrange my apartment so that the energy flows more harmoniously through my life.

Deborah S.
Jewelry Designer, Reiki Healer

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