Interior Design

Interior Design

The experience of Harmony Thru Design guides the design concept to what is important and a direct reflection of the client, and that, which ultimately makes you, feel comfortable.

Making sure we represent your philosophy of beauty. We are highly skilled at striking a balance and delivering value. We will work with you with the parameters of your personalized vision and guide you toward realizing your fullest expression, representing your essence and your personal style. We are known for beauty of form, movement and expression, warm lighting and pulling it all together with color and artwork. We create environments that bring harmony, comfort, balance and beauty to your environment.

  • The Design consultation is proposed so that I become acquainted with you, your space and what it is you want to accomplish.
  • Do you need help in choosing the paint colors for the walls of your home or business?
  • Do you need the guidance of having someone go with you to purchase your upholstery, furniture, accessories, lighting or artwork?
  • I can suggest where to get your upholstery and how to customize and tailor it to your personal design taste.
  • I can be there to accept your deliveries and place your furniture. I can coordinate all the aspects for you.

We will create a portfolio of your ideas that include clippings from your favorite design magazines and furniture catalogs that you really love. Gather the swatches of the paint colors and fabrics you want to have in your home but are not quite sure how well they will work together.

All this will assist me in designing a space of beauty and balance for you to enjoy and flourish in. I will develop a plan and budget with you so we can set short and long term goals. This will ensure a balanced and finished project.

Residential Interior Design:

Your home is a personal and physical expression of your self. Your home impacts the goals of your life. I will support you to fulfill all your interior design needs. Creating a home that is harmonious, functional as well as a representation of you.

During our first Design Consultation, we will compose the concept and the development of your project, including paint colors, fabrics, furniture and anything else you want to purchase.

Commercial Interior Design:

Harmony Thru Design specializes in small to medium size commercial spaces, spas, offices and retail stores.

You expect and need your office, space, retail space or any place of business to do many things. It needs to have a balance and harmony in order to promote your image, increase your sales and productivity and of course welcome your clients.

I will work with you along with your staff to create commercial spaces integrating all the essential elements of well thought design until the completion of your project.


Most people do not have the desire or time to shop for many of their home furnishings needs. I will locate these items always making sure they are within the desired budge and of the highest quality. I will help you with the decision process. I will do all the legwork and find you the perfect pieces of furniture, upholstery and accessories. Whatever your room needs. I will achieve for you the look that will make your environment become a total expression of you. I will do all the shopping for you.

Harmony Thru Design services include:

  • New Construction
  • Decorating
  • Interior Redesign
  • Feng Shui
  • Color
  • Environmental Cleansings
  • Clutter and Organization

Design Style:

  • Contemporary
  • Traditional
  • Feng Shui
  • Color
  • Green Design

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