Feng Shui Design

Feng Shui Design

Sharon Siegel combines her feng shui knowledge with her design talents melding both of them together, implementing changes, designing and re-designing environments that both look and feel great. Creating Environments that will bring about new visions, objectives and new purposes to her clients lives.

Before considering a consultation for your home or business, you may want to ask yourself:

  • Is your environment enhancing your success and supporting your goals in the areas of intimate relationships, wealth, prosperity, career, business, family and friends, creativity and your health.
  • Are you having the kind of committed and intimate relationship that you want?
  • Does your environment energize you in accomplishing your career and business goals in the areas of creativity, communication, productivity, efficiency and profitability.
  • Does your environment feel balanced and harmonious? Is it a personal expression of you? Does your home enhance your creativity, joyfulness and spirituality?

Benefits of a Feng Shui Consultation:

On an individual level, feng shui will improve career, health, relationships, prosperity, creativity and spirituality. It can help to enhance ones success in both private and public life. Feng shui accomplishes this by balancing and harmonizing ones environment, which will nurture the individual. Well-balanced and harmonious surroundings liberate ones vitality and creativity. It also creates openings for new purposes, visions and objectives in ones life. Feng Shui is an effective tool in creating environments, which support one at working toward the fulfillment of ones immediate and long-term goals.

Approaches used in Feng Shui:

There are many approaches that are used by the consultant to determine and accomplish what a client will need to do to achieve their goals. These techniques fall under categories such as compass studies, form analysis, horoscopes, flow of energy as well as more traditional practices such as constructions, decoration, layout, color and lighting. Feng Shui connects these traditional applications with spiritual knowledge.

Some of the important approaches used in Feng Shui:

Form School:

The Study of form and it effect on ones life and their environment. This includes the knowledge of the location, direction and the scale of objects in relation to the space.

Compass School:

Based upon the interactions of the unseen directional forces of the universe as displayed by the Chinese compass (lopan) used to show information about the pattern of energy and how it relates to the person and their environment. Each direction has its own qualities, energies, colors, shapes and elements.

5-Element Theory:

This is used to create the adjustments the consultant recommends to the clients to balance the negative influences of ones environment.

Minq Qua:

This approach assists in evaluating the compatibility of the site to the client (clients)

Lo Shui Portents:

This advises the client as to the auspicious (positive) and inauspicious (negative) sectors of their environments, with importance put on harmony, health, healing, prosperity and relationship in their lives.

Flying Star:

This is the horoscope of the building, which is used to look at the possible situations, which may occur for the clients in living or working in the chosen site.


In a typical consultation, the client will be given a full evaluation of the site and its potential for wealth, relationship, health and success. The site will also be rated for its compatibility of the client or clients.

Any negative factors will be adjusted for and the strategies will be outlined to this effect. The site will also be broken down into sectors and each one will be evaluated for its relative potential for creating or destroying wealth, health and the satisfaction of the clients. Also, the client will be informed as to the likelihood of events both positive and negative into the future. The consult will also make general recommendations as to the preferred shapes and objects in the space, preferred color recommendations, with specific recommendations as to their location.

Results can be expected within several weeks, although deeper problems can obviously take longer. It is important to keep in touch with your consultant, particularly if the changes are slow or if change becomes to swift.

It is recommended that a space be evaluated at least once a year, to take account of the changes in energy proper to the times. Also, a space clearing once a year will absolutely shift the energy back.

To experience a Feng Shui Consultation in your Office, home or life, you may want a consultation.
Sharon Siegel Professional Feng Shui Design Consultant is available locally and nationwide.

To schedule an appointment with Sharon call 212-570-6186 or e-mail her at: sharon@sharonsiegel.com or sharon.siegel47@gmail.com

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