Clear Your Clutter

Clear Your Clutter

Clearing Clutter Consultations

I am available to come to your home or business for Clutter Clearing Consultations and Assistance.

Clutter in one’s life will slow down the flow of energy in your environment. The Main entrance of ones environment represents your approach to your life and how you view the world around you. It supports you in what you want to accomplish in your personal and business goals.

Your environment and everything around you is a mirror of yourself. When you change the energy of your environment (Clearing your Clutter and Space Clearing) it will alter your life’s opportunities. Removing these obstacles, you allow yourself a life of wealth, success, joy, happiness, healthier relationships and better health. Making you feel great when you are in the environment.

When clutter accumulates in one’s environment the energy of the environment becomes stagnant. The clutter then manifests and becomes a symptom of what is happening in your personal life.

There are many reasons why Clearing your Clutter is so effective, the most important one being when you Change your Environment, it changes your external world. This allows and supports the changes of your internal one.

How does Clutter Affect You:

  • People that hoard clutter say they do not have the energy to begin to clear it. They always feel physically tired. The stagnant energy that stacks up can cause one to feel extremely tired and lethargic.
  • Makes you feel disorganized
  • Creates chaos in your life
  • Makes you feel physically and emotionally tired.
  • The more stuff you have, the more you are in service to it.
  • Clutter under your bed can affect your sleeping.

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