by htd_admin on January 20, 2015

Children’s rooms need to support then as they grow. They need to be balanced in colors, bed placement, a separate place for their toys and playing
and a separate area for their sleeping.

If you have two children sharing the same room, it is best not to get bunk beds. Bunk beds actually unconsciously has the child that is sleeping in
the bottom bunk,feel like they are not getting air.

When you have two children sleeping in the same room each one needs to feel like they have their own space for sleeping. I is very important
that young children feel safe in their rooms. it is better if the beds are aligned so that they can see the front door of the bedroom, when
in their bed.

Children’s Beds – should be made of wood and have a headboard. (headboards, make one feel more stable when sleeping). Also, a wood bed has a stabilizing
and nurturing energy. (they are made of wood, which is strong and stable).

Children as they grow should have a role in the pricking of their colors and the decorations that they really like and want in their rooms.
If their bedroom is also their play area, It is preferable to have a storage for their toys so that they get put away before they go to sleep.

Of the floors of their room is made of wood, it is best to get them a soft fun (cotton or non chemical rug) that is put by their bed,
this really makes it welcoming when they bet up in the morning.

Colors for children – If your child is choosing their colors, it is best to have the colors sit your child’s personality.
Cooler colors which can be any pastels they like, helps to balance and calm down an active child.
Brighter colors such as Orange, Bright Pink, etc. will help to stimulate a more reticent child.

Children’s rooms should not have televisions, as this really isolates them from their family and happens their social
interactions with the outside world.

For more information or help with designing your child’s room. I am available for Interior Design Consultations.

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