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    Children’s rooms need to support then as they grow. They need to be balanced in colors, bed placement, a separate place for their toys and playing
    and a separate area for their sleeping.

    If you have two children sharing the same room, it is best not to get bunk beds. Bunk beds actually unconsciously has the child that is sleeping in
    the bottom bunk,feel like they are not getting air.

    When you have two children sleeping in the same room each one needs to feel like they have their own space for sleeping. I is very important
    that young children feel safe in their rooms. it is better if the beds are aligned so that they can see the front door of the bedroom, when
    in their bed.

    Children’s Beds – should be made of wood and have a headboard. (headboards, make one feel more stable when sleeping). Also, a wood bed has a stabilizing
    and nurturing energy. (they are made of wood, which is strong and stable).

    Children as they grow should have a role in the pricking of their colors and the decorations that they really like and want in their rooms.
    If their bedroom is also their play area, It is preferable to have a storage for their toys so that they get put away before they go to sleep.

    Of the floors of their room is made of wood, it is best to get them a soft fun (cotton or non chemical rug) that is put by their bed,
    this really makes it welcoming when they bet up in the morning.

    Colors for children – If your child is choosing their colors, it is best to have the colors sit your child’s personality.
    Cooler colors which can be any pastels they like, helps to balance and calm down an active child.
    Brighter colors such as Orange, Bright Pink, etc. will help to stimulate a more reticent child.

    Children’s rooms should not have televisions, as this really isolates them from their family and happens their social
    interactions with the outside world.

    For more information or help with designing your child’s room. I am available for Interior Design Consultations.



    FENG SHUI DESIGN divides the universe working with the five elements of nature: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. The five elements are integrating furnishings, color, accessories and nature to balance each of your rooms. By integrating these five elements into our individual rooms we bring with it, a more comfortable balanced harmonious environment.

    Each of these elements invokes a different mood creating a customized space that is beneficial to your personality and your goals. Below is a listing of each element and how it can be presented into your environment and enhance your home and your work space.


    The Wood element integrates the power of creating and expansions. it represents the traits of growth, birth, strength, flexibility and intuition. (think of a baby tree and as it grows it becomes more flexible, gives birth to leaves and branches, making it stronger.) However the wood element in each room needs to be balanced. i have experienced clients that have all large pieces of wood furnishing in a room, the energy feels overwhelming, inflexible and rigid. Having too little can show up as a lack of creativity and stagnancy.

    When Designing with the WOOD ELEMENT, use shapes that mimic the vertical, column like shapes and the softness of leaves and flowers. The colors that are considered the wood element are: green and blue.

    Some of the things that can be used as the wood element, are fresh and slim flowers, plants and trees (these are really great, the also element negative orders,etc) Cotton fabrics are also considered the wood element.


    This element supports leadership and enthusiasm in our lives. It has us want to move forward and upward as fire does. Use the fire element in design to encourage inspiration, boldness and expressiveness. However you need careful, overabundance of this element can use aggression, irritability and impulsive behavior.

    Too little of this element is ones home can show up as emotional coldness, inexpressiveness and a lack of self-esteem.

    To expand the fire element in your space, you can have some leather furnishing (it does not have to be the color red, leather is a fire element0 candles, incandescent lights,and animal prints (fabrics, pillows, chairs, etc.) Color of course is a great way of integrating some fire into ones home. Shades of bright orange, pink, purple. (Having some of the fire element in ones bedroom is very good for relationships. However, I do not necessary suggest this for children, except possibly the pink or purple not has
    fiery, more calming that the others.


    The Earth element affects our physical strength and order, while generating an overall feeling of grounding (which is so important in ones growth) Especially since being in Big Cities war are not as connected to the Mother Earth and Nature. The Earth Element gives us balance and stability. However, if ones has an over abidance of this element it can cause use to feel emotionally heavy and have us experience boredom, sluggishness and being very serious all the time.

    The other side is that when their is not enough of this element in our homes, people tent to feel disorganized, chaotic and unfocused.

    Bringing the Earth element into our homes, Colors are yellow, beige, tan and brown. The shapes that can be used are square and rectangular shapes. We can bring real crystals of any kind and put them in spacial places: Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Citrine, etc. Beautiful rocks and stones in a bowl or face as decoration can create a nice arrangement and great earth energy.


    The metal element affects our mental clarity and our logic. The element of metal within a room can be felt in personal characteristics as focus, and organization. When ones rooms are surrounded by too much metal you can become who never stops talking., becomes an overly critical person and someone who tends to speak without thinking first about what they are going to say (this can cause many problems in ones life).

    When wanting to enhance your rooms with metal, any shapes of objects that are round or oval. Anything made of metal that is iron, aluminum gold or silver colored metals. In working with metal colors they are white, grey, silver and gold.


    THE WATER ELEMENT TO ME IS VERY SPECIAL, it is the essence that keeps us alive, without it we can not exist.

    Water encompasses your spirituality and emotions. A balance of the water element brings inspiration wisdom and insightfulness into ones life. However, the down side to the water element is having too much of it. It can create the feeling of being unbalanced and becoming too emotional. When the water element is not in balance, one can experience a lack of sympathy, loneliness, isolation and stress.

    Some good ways of incorporating the Water Element into ones environment can be. A small table top fountain or aquarium (in the foyer of your home or in the far corner on the left side of your apartment.) The Chinese and Japanese believe that having 9 gold fish brings one good luck and prosperity. The colors for water are black and deep blues. One can also have Artwork and Photos of moving water in their living room. However, I do not suggest that in the bedroom. The bedroom should have artwork in front of your bed that has two’s of things. It should make you feel calm and good, it is the last thing you consciously see before closing your eyes when sleeping. Mirrors, reflective suffices and wavy free form shapes are also considered the Water Element.

    Now that I have explained these elements, it may be fun to begin playing with and arranging the element doing one room at a time. Each room in ones home should have a balance of all the elements, In some rooms of course we may need more of one than another. So, I would start with one room, see how it goes.

    If you have any questions and would like any further help. Feel free to contact me through my website or call at 212-570-6186

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